POMODORO Italian Restaurant & Bar

(closed Thursday, November 23rd - Thanksgiving Day)


A chicken breast encrusted in Romano cheese drizzled with a fresh bacon blue cheese cream sauce topped with jumbo prawns.  Served with linguine and a fresh vegetable.                                                                    

Clam Chowder for the weekends  (if it lasts that long)

November 3-5
Pan-seared, horseradish-encrusted halibut fillet drizzled with our creamy Dijon sauce, topped with sautéed jumbo prawns. Served over a bed of linguine and fresh sautéed vegetable.                                                                

JUMBO SEAFOOD STUFFED RAVIOLIS -   November 24-26       

Loaded with sautéed prawns, scallops and bay shrimp. Topped with fresh Roma tomatoes and Parmesan cheese and served in a white wine lemon cream sauce.                                                          

November 13-16   Butternut Squash Soup                                                                                 
November 6-9       Lentil and Italian Sausage Soup                                                                                 

We always have our delicious homemade

November 20-22   French Onion Soup                                                                                 

NOVEMBER 17-19    

We take a halibut fillet which is encrusted in a mixture of potato chips and a lemon pepper aioli. It's baked and then served with linguine, topped with two sautéed jumbo prawns and a fresh sautéed vegetable.                                                                                  

November 27-30   Split Pea with Ham Soup                                                                              

(closed Thursday, November 23rd - Thanksgiving Day)

November  Weekend Specials

All of our soups are made in-house using

only the freshest ingredients.

NOVEMBER  Soups for the month!

And don't forget that every Tuesday - every month,

all bottles of wine on our list are $20

So join us for a delicious dinner, a great bottle

and a toast to the week to come!